I consigli di Chandler

Ok, forse Chandler non è proprio la persona giusta a cui chiedere dei consigli… guardiamo cosa ha combinato in questa scena tratta da Friends, con l’aiuto del vocabolario di base.


David: (to Chandler) Well, Phoebe’s still pretty hung up on that Mike, uh?

Chandler: I wouldn’t read too much into it.

David: Still you know, a girl calls you by your ex-boyfriend’s name, that-that’s not a good thing, right?

Chandler: David, let me stop you there ’cause I think I see where this is going. I’m not very good at giving advice. So if you want advice, go to Ross, Monica, or… Joey, if the thing you wanna advice about is pizza toppings or burning sensation when you pee.
David: Sorry, I just… I wish there was something I could do, you know? Well, you know Phoebe…

Chandler: Seriously, we’re gonna do this?

David: I’m sorry, uh… I just wish I could make her forget about Mike already, you know… Why did Phoebe and Mike break up?

Chandler: Oh, because his penis was too big. (he notices that David is not amused) Oh, I’m sorry, that’s the kind of thing I do. They broke up because Mike didn’t want to get married. Hey, what if you just let Phoebe know you’d be open to marriage?

David: That’s great! That’s great! I-I’ll propose to her!

Chandler: What?

David: Well, I was probably going to do it at some point.

Chandler: I didn’t mean now…

David: Why not? It’s brilliant! (talking to an imaginary Mike) Goodbye Mike, we’ll see you at the wedding, fella! (pause) well, we probably won’t invite you to the wedding… (to Chandler) Thank you, Chandler. Sincerely.

Chandler: Well, you’re welcome! Glad I could help.

David: How do you think I should propose?

Chandler: David, I’m pretending to read here!


to be hung up on someone – essere preso da qualcuno
to read too much into it – leggere troppo fra le righe, ricamarci troppo sopra

I see where this is going – Capisco dove stai andando a parare

to be good at – essere bravo a
pizza toppings – condimenti per la pizza
to pee – fare pipì
seriously – sul serio, seriamente
to break up – rompere con qualcuno

to be amused – essere divertito

to let someone know – far sapere a qualcuno
to propose to – proporre di
at some point – a un certo punto
I didn’t mean – non intendevo

imaginary – immaginario

fella = fellow – tizio, tale
sincerely – sinceramente

glad I could help – felice di essere stato di aiuto

how do you think I should – come pensi che dovrei …
to pretend to do something – fare finta di fare qualcosa


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