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Christmas Prepositions – Preposizioni natalizie

Santa is flying through the air in his magic sleigh.

Rudolph is sitting in the sleigh, too.

He’s sitting next to Santa.

Santa and Rudolph are sitting next to each other.

There is a dragon flying beside the sleigh.

Schwa is riding on the dragon.

They are all flying over a forest.

The forest is covered in snow, because it’s Christmas.

Santa’s sack full of presents is in the sleigh behind him.

Suddenly, a Spitfire comes up behind the sleigh and flies past.

Who’s in the Spitfire?

It’s Captain Britlish.

Captain Britlish is the pilot sitting in the Spitfire’s cockpit.

They’re all flying to a secret meeting in the forest.

Let’s follow them and find out what they’re doing, shall we?

They’re in a clearing in the forest.

It looks like they’re not happy with the music.

Let’s have some dance music!

That’s better!

There is a lot of snow on the ground and on the trees.

The Spitfire is opposite the sleigh.

The sleigh is opposite the Spitfire.

They’re standing on the snow between the Spitfire and the sleigh.

The dragon is standing behind them.

Schwa is on the sleigh.

Santa is between Captain Britlish and Rudolph.

Captain Britlish is between his Spitfire and Santa.

Rudolph is between Santa and the sleigh.

Santa has Captain Britlish and Rudolph next to him.

There is nobody next to Schwa.

And a very Merry Christmas from me.

I’ll be back in the new year with a magical new way of teaching English.

See you then.

Santa Babbo Natale
magic magico
sleigh slitta
dragon drago
forest bosco
covered in snow coperto di neve
sack sacco
full of presents pieno di regali
suddenly all’improvviso
to fly past volare oltre/ davanti
pilot pilota
cockpit cockpit, cabina di pilotaggio
secret meeting riunione segreta
to follow seguire
clearing radura
ground terreno, terra
to be back ritornare
See you then. Arrivederci!

Do you know your prepositions? Let’s have a look at them together with their Italian meaning.

through attraverso
in in, dentro 
next to accanto
beside a fianco di 
on su
over sopra
behind dietro
opposite di fronte a



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