Catch Me If You Can – Bank Teller Seduction

I’d like to open a Money Market, please.


Teller: Welcome to Miami Mutual Bank. How may I help you?

Frank: My name is Frank Taylor. I’m a copilot for Pan Am. I’d like to cash this check here, and then I’d like to take you out for a steak dinner.

Teller: … and then we feed the checks into the MICR machine which uses special ink to encode the account numbers on the bottom of the checks.

Frank: And where are these numbers?

Teller: They’re, um… right here.

Frank: Right there?

Teller: See? They’re called routing numbers.

Frank: So where do the checks get routed to?

Teller: You know, I don’t exactly know. Nobody ever asked me that before.

Can you translate the folowing sentences into Italian?

1. How may I help you?

2. I’d like to cash this check.

3. I don’t exactly know.

4. Nobody ever asked me that before.


1. Come posso aiuttarvi?

2. Vorrei incassare questo assegno. 

3. Non so precisamente. 

4. Nessuno mi ha chiesto questo prima. 


teller – cassiere di banca

copilot – copilota

to cash – incassare

to feed  – qui: mettere in

ink – inchiostro

account number – numero del conto corrente  

bottom – fondo (di qualcosa)

routing  – avviamento


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