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How big is Matt Damon? – Pratichiamo il comparativo degli aggettivi

Pratichiamo il comparativo degli aggettivi con Matt Damon 😀

0:00 Hey Guys, Matt Damon here and I want you to join me on the red carpet for the premiere of my new movie Downsizing.

0:05 It’s going to be great, we’re going to get to know each other, we’re going to grab a drink, we’re going to watch the movie, and yes, you’ll find out once and for all, whether or not you’re taller than me.

0:13 That’s cool, I know you’re thinking it, I mean you’re not saying it, but probably thinking it, I get it, okay, I stand next to Ben Affleck too much. The guy’s a fucking giant.

0:21 I learned a lot about size working on Downsizing, I’m pretty much an expert now, and if that was something that you for some reason thought I needed to prove in a game where I tried to figure out if something was bigger than me or not…

0:33: I guess, I could do that.

0:39: All right, what do we got?

0:40: George Washington’s nose on Mount Rushmore. I’ve never been to Mount Rushmore, I’ve seen pictures, I mean I will have to believe the nose of our first president is bigger than me.

0:53 All right, let’s see. Oh yeah. It’s 21 feet tall or 3.6 Matt Damons. Okay.

1:03: Ben Affleck. Now, sadly Ben is taller than me, but although we could ask what year are you asking. If you’re asking in 2017, he’s about 6.4. In like 1986 I towered over the kid.

1:15: Yeah, he is… Ben is 1.09 Matt Damons.

1:21: All right. The world’s smallest elephant. Does that include a baby elephant? I’ve never heard of miniature elephants, so I would have to believe the even the smallest adult elephant is bigger than me.

1:33 Wait a minute. A Borneo Pygmy can be as small as 5.6. That’s a 4- 4,5 inches short of a Matt Damon.

1:41 Bruce Springsteen. Oh, the boss, man. I think the boss is the biggest thing in the world. I’m going to say he is taller than me and I’m not even going to listen to it, I don’t care. I’m not even going to look at how tall he is.

1:51: He’s the best.

1:54: This guy, Jimmy Kimmel. Sadly, Jimmy Kimmel is taller than me.

1:59: Yeah, he wears lifts.

2:00: Fifteen versions of me in Downsizing. Well, in Downsizing I’m 5 inches, so that would be 75 inches, which would be 6 foot 3, taller than me.

2:12: Yeah, there we go. 6.3 or 1.077 Matt Damons. Or still not as tall as Ben Affleck.

2:19: Thank you for playing. If you want to find out how many Matt Damons tall you are, just join me at the premiere of my new movie Downsizing.

2:26: All you’ve got to do is head to omaze.com/damon and remember every entry supports water.org, an organization I co-founded, which provides access to safe water and sanitation solutions, that give women hope, children health, and communities future. Enter now and I will see you on the red carpet.


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