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Comprensione scritta (B1) – su Millie, il cane postino

Esercitiamoci con un po’ di comprensione della lettura, questa volta a livello B1. 

Esercitiamoci con un po’ di comprensione della lettura, questa volta a livello B1. 


Elementare (B1) – Trasmissione
Perché e in quale contesto sono menzionati nel testo?

1. Spagna
2. 18 mesi
3. idraulico
4. sacco della spazzatura
5. ramo d’albero
6. soldato
7. scatola
8. dimensione dei bidoni
9. applauso
10. attenzione

Owner Alfie Kitson, 80, only has to point at something on the ground and say ‘put that in the bin’ and his clever little dog picks up the litter and puts it in the bin. She was taught the trick while living in Spain with Alfie and his wife Judith, 75, and has been putting her skills to good use since moving back to the UK 18 months ago. Grandad Alfie, a retired plumber from Ullingswick, Herefordshire, said: ‘Millie is a very intelligent dog and seems to enjoy her little party trick. Alfie taught five-year-old Millie the trick after rescuing her from a shelter in Spain and says all he wants is to put a smile on someone’s face with the trick.

She was just a puppy when she was found in a rubbish bag tied to a tree branch with her two brothers.

Alfie later saw a soldier and his dog doing the trick in a park in Malaga and decided to teach Millie to do the same. He began by putting a box in their Spanish garden and bit by bit he raised its height as she understood to drop things in it.

And luckily the bins in Hereford were just the right size for Millie to show her talent when she moved here – and now she’s been helping out for a month.

‘A few people ask me why I do it but I enjoy it and so does Millie, plus it’s helping keep the city clean and tidy, which is our little good deed. ‘All I have to say is, “Put that litter in the bin” and she will pick it up and do it. Passers-by seem to love it and she always gets loud applause. She seems to love the attention — it’s fantastic to see all these people enjoy what we’re doing.’ – Alfie added.



Millie the dog puts litter in the bin

1.È stato lì che Millie ha imparato a mettere i suoi rifiuti nel cestino ed è stata salvata da un rifugio dal suo proprietario.
2. Si sono trasferiti nel Regno Unito tanto tempo fa.
4. È lì che è stata trovata Millie.
5. Ecco a cosa era legata la borsa.
6. Un soldato ha fatto lo stesso trucco con il suo cane e Alfie ha preso l’idea da lui.
7. L’ha usato per insegnare il trucco al suo cane.
8. A Hereford, è giusto per il trucco di Millie.
9. I passanti applaudono sempre Millie.
10. Sembra che le piaccia l’attenzione.



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