La bara rubata di Chaplin – leggete il testo, imparate le parole e fate l’esercizio!

Dopo la sua scomparsa, avvenuta la notte di Natale, il funerale di Charles Spancer Chaplin si tiene il 27 dicembre 1977 nella chiesa anglicana di Vevey. Poco più di due mesi dopo, la mattina del 2 marzo 1978, un guardiano trova la tomba di Chaplin scoperchiata e la bara sparita!

Charlie Chaplin’s Grave Robbed 40 Years Ago

40 years ago, two men dug up and removed Charlie Chaplin’s coffin with his body still inside in an attempt to extort money from his widow Oona; they were later caught and convicted, and the legendary comedian was eventually re-buried in his original plot. Just over 40 years ago, robbers snatched renowned entertainer Charlie Chaplin’s corpse from his grave near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. His fourth wife Oona was notified by police that her husband’s coffin with the body inside had been dug up and was missing.

The actor had died just months earlier on Christmas Day at the age of 88 and was buried two days later by their home. The thieves eventually contacted her with a ransom demand of more than $600,000 for the return of his body and even made threats against their two youngest children. She refused to comply, and, after five weeks of surveillance, two auto mechanics – Gantscho Ganev from Bulgaria and Roman Wardas of Poland – were arrested for the crime.   They led authorities to a cornfield near the family home where they had temporarily buried the coffin. The men were later convicted of grave robbing and attempted extortion.  Chaplin was put back in his original burial plot but with aconcrete coating to prevent future incidences.

coffin bara
attempt attentato
to extort estorcere
widow vedova
to convict condannare
to re-bury seppellire di nuovo
renowned celebre
corpse salma
grave tomba
to notify notificare
thief ladro
ransom riscatto
demand richiesta
threat minaccia
to comply attenersi a
surveillance sorveglianza
cornfield campo di granturco
temporarily temporaneamente
burial plot posto di sepoltura
concrete cemento
coating rivestimento

Find words and expressions that mean the same from the text.

1. famous

2. money demanded in exchange for freeing someone

3. a dead body

4. to inform

5. to do what you are told to do

6. for a period of time

7. a woman whose husband is dead

8. a box in which a dead person is buried

9. covering

10. an act of trying to do something


1. renowned

2. ransom

3. corpse

4. to notify

5. to comply

6. temporarily

7. widow

8. coffin

9. coating

10. attempt


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