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5 espressioni al giorno – ONLINE SHOPPING

Ormai molte persone fanno i loro acquisti online, quindi ho pensato di dare un’occhiata al vocabolario che riguarda quest’ argomento, e che può essere utile se qualcuno vuole comprare qualcosa in un negozio online straniero.

verbs – verbi

to do online shopping fare acquisti online
to buy goods or services on the Internet

to add to cartaggiungere al carrello
to put a product in a virtual bag to be paid for later

to sign up, to log iniscriversi, effettuare il login
to enlist, as in an organization or group; to register or subscribe
When you log in or log on, or log into a computer system, you start using the system, usually by typing your name or identity code and a password.

to add to wish listaggiungere alla lista dei desideri
to save a product so that you can purchase it later

to proceed to checkout procedere alla cassa

the place on a website where you order and pay for goods

nouns – nomi, sostantivi

my account il mio account
your personal details and a record of your purchases

shipping conditions condizioni di spedizione
the terms and details of a website’s delivery policies

payment pagamento
an amount of money that has been paid or is expected to be paid

returns & refunds restituzioni e rimborsi
When a customer sends an item back to your store or warehouse is a return. Customers usually have to return an item before they get a refund. A refund means giving the customer all or some of their money back for an unwanted item.  

sale vendita, svendita
an occasion when things are sold in order to make money

coupon coupon
a voucher that customers can use to buy goods and services at a lower price, or to get them free

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