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LIVE, LIFE, ALIVE, LIVING – Qual é la parola giusta?

Decidi quale parola usare – spiegazione ed esercizio di vocabolario.

LIFE (főnév): vita
a) the period of time when someone is alive
b) the state of being alive
c) the way you live your life, and what you do and experience during it
d) the experiences, activities, and ways of living that are typical of being in a particular job, situation, society etc
e) the time in your life when you are doing a particular job, are in a particular situation etc
f) human existence, considered as a variety of experiences and activities
g) the period of time during which something happens or exists
h) the quality of being alive that people, animals, plants etc have and that objects and dead things do not have

LIVE (ige): vivere
a) if you live in a place, you have your home there
b) a plant or animal that lives in a particular place grows there or has its home there
c) if you live at a particular time, you are alive then
d) to have a particular type of life, or live in a particular way
e) the way that someone lives is the way that they earn money to buy food etc.
f) to have an exciting life
g) to imagine that things are happening to you
h) the place where something lives is the place where it is kept
i) if an idea lives, it continues to exist and influence people

ALIVE (melléknév): vivo, vivente, in vita 
a) still living and not dead
b) continuing to exist
c) full of energy, happiness

LIVING (melléknév): vivente
a) alive now

LIVING (főnév): vivere 
a) the way you earn money or the money you earn
b) the way in which someone lives their life


1. Where do you ……….. ?

2. My ………. is pretty interesting.

3. I have to make ……….. arrangements (= I have to find a place to stay) before I move there.

4. I ……….. in London.

5. This music makes me feel ……….. !

6. I’ve always wanted to ……….. in Australia.

7. Is she ……….. with you now?

8. The doctor determined that the patient was …………… .

9. How does he make a ……….. ? = How does he earn him money?

10. Generally speaking, I’m pretty happy with my ………. .

Key: live, life, living, live, alive, live, living, alive, living, life 


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