Traditional breakfasts from various countries compared

Che cosa si mette in tavola dall’altro capo della Terra, per il pasto più importante della giornata? Vediamo che cosa si mangia nel mondo per colazione.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s interesting to find out how completely different kinds of food are served up in the morning depending on the country and the culture. For some people, breakfast should be akin to a full meal; for others, it’s little more than a light snack.

Over the course of 11 days, we tried 11 different breakfasts eaten by people in various countries. Each day, they were prepared by our wonderful in house chefs. As it turned out, we enjoyed the Egyptian and Israeli ones the most. Which ones have you tried?

England – 950 kcal

1. A fried egg 220 kcal

2. Bread 100 kcal

3. Fried bacon 350 kcal

4. Beans 160 kcal

5. Fried mushrooms 120 kcal

What we liked: A filling and tasty breakfast. The large number of proteins provide energy for a long time.
What we didn’t like: There’s a lot of fried food here. The combination of beans, mushrooms, and fried bacon is not easy on the stomach. This amount of food is more suited to lunch.

Turkey – 735 kcal

1. Bread 100 kcal

2. Bryndza 230 kcal

3. Cheese 90 kcal

4. Tea with milk 20 kcal

5. Vegetables 35 kcal

6. Honey 110 kcal

7. Olives 150 kcal

What we liked: The bread, vegetables, and dairy products were filling, but not too much.
What we didn’t like: A breakfast made up of small snacks is not quite as good as hot food.

Japan – 569 kcal

1. Rice 120 kcal

2. Pickled plums 46 kcal

3. Miso soup with salmon 105 kcal

4. Tofu 38 kcal

5. Fermented beans 75 kcal

6. Omelet 185 kcal

What we liked: A very filling and very healthy breakfast. The various little dishes provide you with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. A great way to start a busy day.
What we didn’t like: It’s hard to find any faults with this breakfast, other than that it takes a long time to eat.

The Netherlands – 395 kcal

1. Bread 80 kcal

2. Butter 100 kcal

3. Chocolate sprinkles (Hagelslag) 170 kcal

4. Black coffee with sugar 45 kcal

What we liked: It’s simple, quick, and very tasty.
What we didn’t like: This is a small breakfast, and we were left still feeling hungry. It’s also not very healthy.

The Philippines – 670 kcal

1. A fried egg 220 kcal

2. Ham 295 kcal

3. Tomatoes 15 kcal

4. Rice with garlic 140 kcal

What we liked: A breakfast that will be familiar to many — one that’stasty, filling, and packed with carbohydrates and protein.
What we didn’t like: Garlic for breakfast is an acquired taste.

Cuba – 240 kcal

1. Coffee with milk 65 kcal

2. Toast 175 kcal

What we liked: An ideal quick breakfast if you’re late for work.
What we didn’t like: A very light breakfast that will leave you feeling hungry.

Russia – 545 kcal

1. Sandwiches with cheese and butter 240 kcal

2. Boiled eggs 93 kcal

3. Porridge with milk and butter 147 kcal

4. Coffee with milk and sugar 65 kcal

What we liked: A very filling breakfast.
What we didn’t like: This was the heaviest breakfast of all, which not everyone will be able to eat entirely without feeling overfull. It works best when you eat only certain elements rather than the whole thing.

USA – 957 kcal

1. Cereal with milk 431 kcal

2. Bread with peanut butter 330 kcal

3. Orange juice 214 kcal

What we liked: It’s sweet and very filling.
What we didn’t like: It’s too sweet and too filling. We were left feeling bloated, but this quickly turned into hunger.

Italy – 446 kcal

1. A chocolate croissant 378 kcal

2. Cappuccino 68 kcal

What we liked: It’s very tasty.
What we didn’t like: There wasn’t enough of it.

Israel – 358 kcal

1. Shakshouka – 358 kcal

What we liked: Shakshouka is not just a dish of fried eggs with tomatoes. It has a very striking taste as a result of the ripe tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, garlic, and spices. A surprisingly tasty breakfast.
What we didn’t like: We liked everything.

Egypt – 758 kcal

1. Pita bread 274 kcal

2. Hummus 84 kcal

3. Falafel 335 kcal

4. Yogurt with herbs 30 kcal

5. Vegetables 35 kcal

What we liked: This is a very balanced breakfast that contains carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, and dairy products. It all combines together perfectly.
What we didn’t like: For those who like meat, it’s not the best choice.

source: brightside.me


to depend on dipendere da
akin to simile a
to turn out rivelarsi
beans fave
mushroom funghi
filling sostanzioso
tasty delicioso, gustoso
protein proteina
to provide fornire
stomach stomaco
suited adatto
olives olive
dairy products latticini
pickled plums prugne sott’aceto
salmon salmone
fermented fermentato
nutrient sostanza nutritiva
to find fault with sg trovare un errore in
garlic aglio
carbohydrate carboidrato
boiled egg uovo sodo
porridge porridge d’avena
bloated gonfio
hunger fame
ripe maturo
bell pepper peperone
spices spezie
herbs erbe
balanced bilanciato
cold cuts affettati
beef tongue lingua di manzo
radish ravanello
strudel strudel



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