Esercizio d’ascolto – livello B1

Ecco un breve esercizio per praticare l’ascolto sul livello B1.

Ascolta il testo, e rispondi alle domande. 

At the fast food restautant

0 hamburger al formaggio azt kér a férfi, nagyot
1 fish burger (hamburger con pesce)
2 chicken burger (hamburger con pollo)
3 bevanda
4 bambini
5 rosso
6 dolce
7 1 GBP (sterlina) 5 penny
8 20 GBP (sterlina)
9 la ragione per cui chiede scusa

At the fast food restaurant

A: Can I help you, sir?
B: Yes, we’d like to have a large cheeseburger with regular chips and a children’s menu with a fish burger.
A: Sorry, but we have no fish burgers at the moment. Will fish fingers do?
B: Well, We’d prefer to have a chicken burger then.
A: All right. Anything to drink with it?
B: Yes. We’ll have lemon iced tea, for both of us.
A: Medium or large?
B: Medium, please.
A: Which toy would you like to have with the children’s menu?
B: What do you have for girls?
A: These dolls with a special hair-do.
B: And for boys?
A. There are these racing cars.
B: I see. Then we’ll go for one of these cars. The red one.
A: OK. That’s a large cheeseburger and a chicken burger with regular chips, and two medium lemon iced teas. Would you like anything else, sir?
B: No, I think that’s all. Er, wait a minute. Can I have an apple pie as well?
A: Certainly. That’s eight pounds ninety five pence please.
B: Here you are.
A: And here’s your one pound five pence change. If you wait a moment I’ll get your meal.
B:  Hang on. I gave you a twenty pound note.
A: Did you? Let me check. Yes. I’m sorry about that sir.
B: No problem.
A: Here you are. Enjoy your meal.
B: Thanks.


1. lo vuole per i bambini, ma non c’è, 2. invece sceglie questo 3. té freddo al limone, media 4. le bambine ricevono questo con il menu come regalo 5. alla fine sceglie una macchina rossa (l’uomo per il bambino) 6. crostata/torta alla mela 7. il resto, che riceve l’uomo prima, 8. la bancanota con cui ha pagato 9. la commessa ha sbagliato il resto 


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