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Basic Gardening Vocabulary

Il giardinaggio è una delle attività che preferiamo in estate: ci permette di lavorare all’aperto, a stretto contatto con la natura, respirando aria fresca. Impariamo il lessico fondamentale anche in questo “campo”.

Gardening: Everyday Vocabulary

Today is a weekday but before I sit down and work at the computer I decided to work outside and do some gardening. I am not much of a gardener but I like looking at flowers so for that I am willing to do a little bit of work. I am here in my front yard, and I have just planted a few flowers. Now I am headed to the back yard to plant some more. In the front yard I was working in the sun. It was getting really hot. Here in the back yard I get to work in the shade so it’s much cooler. I plan to dig a total of three holes. I am on my second. I’ll get back to work. I’ll put on my gardening gloves and I’ll pick up my shovel. It’s time to dig. I’ll put the dirt to the side. You have to be careful. There are some stones and roots down here. I finished digging my second hole. Now I’m going to put in some good black soil and I’m going to add some fertilizer. This will help the flowers to stay healthy and grow. Now I get to put in my flowers. I’ve planted my flowers but I’m not quite done yet. My children like garden decorations. As you can see we have a pinwheel, a bird bath, and this rabbit. I’m also going to add these two ships and a lighthouse for them to enjoy. And finally it’s time to water my garden. I have my watering can and I’m going to water my newly planted flowers.

Can you translate these words and expressions into Italian?

1. plant a garden

2. work in the garden

3. garden decorations

 4. pinwheel

5. birdbath,

6. statue

7. do some gardening

8. gardening gloves

9. watering can

10. fill the watering can

11. water the plants

12. water the garden

13. garden hose

14. shovel

15. dig a hole

16. roots

17. weeds

18. soil

19. fertilizer

20. add fertilizer to the soil

21. fertilize plants

22. work in the sun

23. work in the shade


  1. plant a garden – creare un giardino
  2. work in the garden – lavorare in giardino
  3. garden decorations – decorazioni da giardino
  4. pinwheel – girandola
  5. birdbath – vasca per uccelli
  6. statue – statua
  7. do some gardening – fare un po’ di giardinaggio
  8. gardening gloves – guanti da giardinaggio
  9. watering can – annaffiatoio
  10. fill the watering can – riempire l’annaffiatoio
  11. water the plants – annaffiare le piante
  12. water the garden – annaffiare in giardino
  13. garden hose – canna dell’acqua
  14. shovel – pala, vanga
  15. dig a hole – scavare un buco
  16. roots – radici
  17. weeds – semi
  18. soil – suolo
  19. fertilizer – fertilizzante
  20. add fertilizer to the soil – aggiungere fertilizzante nel suolo
  21. fertilize plants – fertilizzare le piante
  22. work in the sun – lavorare al sole
  23. work in the shade – lavorare all’ombra

I am not much of a gardener – Non sono un grande giardiniere

I am willing to – sono disposto a

front yard – giardino davanti casa

to plant – piantare

to head somewhere – dirigersi da qualche parte

back yard – giardino dietro casa

shade – ombra

cool – fresco

to dig – scavare

a total of – un totale di

hole – buco

gardening gloves – guanti da giardinaggio

shovel – pala, vanga

dirt – terriccio

root – radice

soil – suolo

fertilizer – fertilizzante

I get to put in – cercare di mettere

I’m not quite done yet – non ho ancora finito

garden decoration – decorazioni da giardino

pinwheel – girandola

bird bath – vasca per gli uccelli

ship – nave

lighthouse – faretto

to water – annaffiare

watering can – annaffiatoio

statue – statua

to fill – riempire

garden hose – canna dell’acqua

weed – semi


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