The One With the Male Nanny

Ridendo si impara di più! Noi ci crediamo veramente, ecco quindi che vi proponiamo una nuova scena tratta da Friends: facciamoci quattro risate guardando Ross e Rachel discutere con la nuova… oops, il nuovo babysitter! : )

Ross and Rachel’s apartment. They’re interviewing Sandy.

Sandy: I really do understand how hard it’s gotta be to leave your child with another person. I mean, it’s leaving behind a piece of your heart…
Rachel: Sandy, that’s exactly what it is…
Ross: Are you gay?
Rachel: Ross!
Sandy: It’s okay. I get that a lot doing what I do. But I am straight. I’m engaged actually.
Rachel: Oh!
Sandy: Her name is Deliah.
Rachel: Oh, that’s pretty.
Ross: So you’re just like a… guy who’s a nanny?
Sandy: I realize how it’s… a bit unorthodox for some people, but I really believe, the most satisfying thing you can do with your life, is take care of a child.
Ross: Okay.
Sandy: Like in my last job, I met Daniel when he was three weeks old. And I got to watch him grow into this awesome person… When I left, I said: I’ll see you soon… And he said to me: Skdandy… That was his name for me… I’ll see you every day… right in…
Ross: Yeah, kids say all kinds of crap.
Rachel: Oh God, she must need her diaper changed.
Sandy: Oh, oh, I can do it for her, if you want…
Rachel: Oh, that would be great! I love him, I love him, I love him…
Ross: Oh, come on, Rach, he’s a guy!
Rachel: So wh..? He’s smart, he’s qualified. Give me one good reason we shouldn’t try him out.
Ross: Because, it’s weird!
Rachel: Why?
Ross: What kind of job is that for a man? A nanny? It’s like if a woman wanted to be…
Rachel: Yes?
Ross: King?
Sandy: I er… I hope you don’t mind. I used some of my home-made lotion on Emma. It’s a mixture of calendula and honey cream. It’ll dry that rash right up. Plus… It keeps the hands young…
Rachel: Please? Yes! Sandy you’re hired.
Sandy: That’s great! I’m sorry. It’s just… such an emotional thing when you’re welcomed into a new family…
Rachel: Oooh… come here.
Ross: You gotta be at least bi


to leave behind – lasciare indietro

exactly – esattamente

gay – omosessuale

straight – eterosessuale

engaged – fidanzato

actually – in realtà, a dire la verità

nanny – babysitter

unorthodox – non ortodosso, strano, particolare

satisfying – soddisfacente

to take care of somebody – prendersi cura di qualcuno

to grow into – diventare, trasformarsi

awesome – meraviglioso

crap – stupidate, stronzate

to change a diaper – cambiare il pannolino

smart – furbo, intelligente

qualified– qualificato

to give somebody a reason – dare a qualcuno una ragione

weird – strano

home-made – fatto in casa

calendula – calendola

rash – irritazione, sfogo

emotional – emozionante

bi – bisessuale



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