Friends – The small apartment

Ross: Oh my God!

Chandler: Yeah, well look at this kitchen, slash bathroom. Well that’s great! Y’know so you can cook while in the tub.

Joey: Somebody was using his head. Hey, let’s check out the rest of the place.

Ross: I think this is it. I don’t know, maybe we should keep looking.

Joey: But hey, Ross, this place is available now!

Chandler: Yeah, you don’t want to be stuck with us for the next five weeks.

Joey: Yeah.

Ross: So, you-you think I should go ahead and take this place?

Joey: Oh, it’s perfect!

Ross: How about you?

Chandler: It’s a kitchen slash bathroom.

Ross: All right, I see what you guys are saying. I’ll uh, I’ll go downstairs and fill out an application.

Chandler: We are bad people.

Joey: He knew we were trying to get rid of him. He knew! You think we could get a bathtub in our kitchen?


slash – barra
tub – vasca da bagno
to check out – controllare, prendere informazioni su, vedere di che si tratta
the rest of – il resto di qualcosa
to keep doing something – continuare a fare qualcosa
available – disponibile
to be stuck with – rimanere bloccato, non riuscire ad andare avanti
to go ahead – andare avanti
to go downstairs – scendere
to fill out – compliare
application – applicazione
to get rid of – liberarsi di


That’s great! – Questo é ottimo!
Let’s check out …! – Vediamo di che cosa si tratta!
We should keep looking. – Dovremmo continuare a cercare.
The place is available now. – Questo posto é disponibile ora.
I don’t want to be stuck here. – Non voglio rimanere qua.
I should go ahead. – Devo andare avanti.
How about you? – E tu?


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