What will you be when you grow up? – Che lavoro farai da grande?

What do you want to be when you grow up?  There are so many jobs out there.  It is hard to decide.  Maybe you would like to be a chef.  You could make delicious food for people.  Or you could be a carpenter and build houses for people.  Perhaps you would like to be a mechanic.  You could repair people’s cars.  You could be a veterinarian.  Then you could spend all day with animals.  Perhaps you would like to be fireman or a police officer.  That way you could help and protect people. Or maybe you would like to be a teacher and help children like you. 

to grow up – crescere
to decide – decidere
delicious food – cibo delizioso, gustoso
carpenter – falegname
perhaps – forse
to repair – riparare
veterinarian (or vet) – veterinario
to spend all day – trascorrere tutta la giornata 
fireman – vigile di fuoco

to protect – proteggere

IF YOU WANT TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE – Se vuoi aiutare altri:

doctor dentist
nurse teacher

IF YOU WANT TO WORK IN A SHOP –  Se vuoi lavorare in un negozio:

butcher shopkeeper

IF YOU WANT TO REPAIR THINGS –  Se vuoi riparare cose: 

mechanic repairman

IF YOU WANT TO ENTERTAIN OTHER PEOPLE – Se vuoi intrattenere altri: 

musician dancer
singer writer

IF YOU WANT TO WORK IN A RESTAURANT – Se vuoi lavorare in un ristorante:

cook waiter

IF YOU WANT TO CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE – Se vuoi controllare altri: 

conductor policeman

OTHER PROFESSIONS – Altre professioni:

musician dancer
singer writer




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