Eating in England – prova d’ascolto (livello B1 – elementare)

Ascolta l’audio e compila il testo con le parole mancanti.

Listen to the text and fill in the gaps in the short summary

Eating in

Maria thinks that you have to get ……….. (1) English food. They usually have ……….. (2) for breakfast or ……….. (3) with jam. There is also the so-called English breakfast, mostly at ………. (4) with eggs, bacon and ………. (5). Maria doesn’t like to drink tea with ………. (6) and she prefers to drink ………. (7), anyway. A lot of people have ………. (8) for lunch at work in the short ……….. (9). They have different types of bread and different ………… (10) for the sandwiches. Then they have a ………. (11) around 4 pm, tea with cake, a sandwich or a ………. (12) with fruit. It can also give energy to those who go to the ………. (13) after work. People usually have a ………. (14) meal in the evening. potatoes, ………. (15) and meat or fish.

Testo dell’audio:

Eating in England

T: Maria, can you tell me how you like food in England?

M: Well, Tony, you have to get used to it. They usually have cereal for breakfast. The most typical cereals are cornflakes but there are a lot of other types. They say muesli is the healthiest of all but I don’t like it so much. If you don’t like it you can have toast with jam instead.

T: Don’t they have their famous English breakfast? Eggs, bacon and sausages, etc.

M: Yes, they have it but mostly at the weekend only. It’s great, I love it. And of course, the big breakfast drink is tea, lots of it and really hot. I like it although I can’t bring myself to putting milk in it as they like it. And I must admit that personally, I prefer coffee.

T: What about lunch?

M: It’s also a bit strange for me. Many people just have a sandwich at work without leaving their desks. I think that’s because of the short lunch break they have. You can buy a large variety of sandwiches, with different types of bread and different fillings.

T: Don’t they get hungry soon?

M: Well, many of them do around 4 pm and have a snack called “tea”. This can be a cup of tea with cake, another sandwich or a muesli bar and some fruit. This is especially good if you’re going to the gym after work and you’ll need all that energy.

T: Then I suppose dinner is the main meal.

M: Yes, it is usually a cooked meal some time between 6 and 8 pm with potatoes – fried, baked or roast – vegetables and meat or fish. 

1. used to 2. cereal 3. toast 4. weekends 5. sausages 6. milk 7. coffee 8. sandwiches 9. lunch break 10. fillings 11. snack 12. muesli bar 13. gym 14. cooked 15. vegetables  

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