dialoghi utili

Dialoghi utili: Fissare un appuntamento

Vediamo un dialogo con audio, per imparare come fissare un appuntamento al telefono in inglese.


Healthcare Centre: Thank you for calling Medipoint Healthcare Centre. How can I help you?
Woman: Hello. Emily Woods calling. I have a terrible headache, and I wonder if Dr Brinkman has some time to see me this afternoon.                   
Healthcare Centre: I’m sorry Ms Woods, but Dr Brinkman is booked for this afternoon. I can put you in for 2 pm tomorrow. How does that sound?
Woman: That would be fine.
Healthcare Centre: I’ll have to give you the address of our new office.
Woman: Oh, that’s right. You moved your office last month.
Healthcare Centre: Yes, we moved downtown. Do you have a pen?
Woman: Could you hold on a second? … Okay, go ahead!
Healthcare Centre: Okay, we are at 327 Balkan Avenue. The office is on the ground floor.
Woman: Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow then.
Healthcare Centre: Thank you for calling. See you tomorrow.
Woman: Thank you, bye!


How can I help you?Come posso aiutarla?
I wonder if … .Mi chiedevo se … .
I’m sorry, but … . – Mi dispiace ma … .
I can put you in for … . – Posso metterla alle … .
How does that sound?Come le sembra?
That would be fine.Andrebbe bene.
That’s right.È vero.
Could you hold on a second?Potrebbe aspettare un secondo?
Go ahead!Vada avanti!

Thank you for calling!Grazie per aver chiamato!


to call – chiamare, telefonare
terrible headache
mal di testa terribile
to see somebody
vedere qualcuno
to be booked
essere tutto occupato
to move
muoversi, spostarsi
centro città
to hold on attendere
ground floor
piano terra

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