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Dialoghi utili: Controllo stradale

Come comportarsi e comunicare in inglese in caso di controllo stradale? Ecco!

Can I see your driving licence, please?
Man: Yes, of course. I think it’s in my pocket. Uh … maybe in wallet. Here it is.
Policewoman: Do you know how fast were you driving?
Man: No, I’m sorry. I’ve rented this car and I’m not used to it.
Policewoman: Have you been drinking tonight Mr Murphy?
Man: I had one or two drinks. I’m okay to drive, though. I know my limits.
Policewoman: You may know your limits, but you definitely don’t know the limits here in our country. How long have you been here?
Man: Just for a few days.
Policewoman: It seems you are unaware of our zero tolerance for drinking and driving.
Man: I didn’t know that. I’m not drunk.
Policewoman: You were also going over the speed limit, Mr Murphy. I’m going to have to ask you to step out of your vehicle and get into my car.
Man: And what about the car?
Policewoman: We’ll have the rental car towed to the agency. When you’re in our country you have to respect our rules.


Can I see your …?Posso vedere il suo/la sua …?
Yes, of course.  – Si, naturalmente.
Here it is.  – Ecco qua.
Have you been drinking tonight?Ha bevuto stasera?
How long have you been in Hungary?Da quanto è in Ungheria?
It seems you are unaware of … .Sembra che lei non sappia … .
I’m going to have to ask you to … .Le devo chiedere di … .
And what about the …?E a proposito di … ?
When you’re in our country you have to respect out rules.Quando è nella nostra nazione deve rispettare le nostre regole.


driving licencepatente di guida
pocket – tasca
wallet portafoglio
to drive (fast)guidare (veloce)
to be used to somethingnon essere abituato a qualcosa

definitely sicuramente/certamente
to be unaware of … –  non essere a conoscenza di …
zero tolerancetolleranza zero
speed limitlimite di velocità
vehicle veicolo
rental carauto a noleggio
to be towedessere trainata/rimorchiata
to respectrispettare

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