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Dialoghi utili: Prendere un taxi

Se devi prendere un taxi, questo dialogo ti tornerà utile. Ascolta anche l’audio!

Woman: Hey, taxi!
Taxi driver: Good morning Madam! Where to?
Woman: Well, I’m going to the British Museum.
Taxi driver: Sure. Hop in. No problem.
Woman: Excuse me. How long does it take to get there?
Taxi driver: Well, it depends on the traffic, but it shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes, but I know a short-cut, so we should be able to get there in less than twelve minutes.
Woman: All right. Sorry for asking, but do you have any idea how much the fare will be?
Taxi driver: Oh, it shouldn’t be more than £ 12.
Woman: Do you know what time the museum closes?
Taxi driver: I guess around 6:00 o’clock.
Woman: … and what time is it now?
Taxi driver: It’s half past four.
Woman: … and before I forget, can you recommend any good restaurant downtown that offers meals at a reasonable price?
Taxi driver: Well, the Italian restaurant, Da Mario is quite good, and it’s not as expensive at all.
Woman: Sounds great! Where is it?
Taxi driver: It’s in Endell Street. You can take the underground and get off at Covent Garden.
Woman: Okay. Thanks.

Portrait of a female taxi driver


Where to?Dove deve andare?
I’m going to … . – Devo andare a… .
Hop in.Monti su.
How long does it take to get (to) …?Quanto serve per andare a … ?
It depends on the traffic.  – Dipende dal traffico.
It shouldn’t take more than … .Non dovrebbe servire più di … .
I know a short-cut.  – Conosco una scorciatoia.
We should be able to get there … .Dovremmo riuscire a essere là … .
Sorry for asking … .Scusi la domanda … .
Do you have any idea … ? –  Avete idea di … ?
How much will the fare be?Quanto sarà la tariffa?
Do you know what time the museum closes?Sapete a che ora chiude il museo?
I guess … .  – Suppongo … .

What time is it now?Che ore sono adesso?
Can you recommend a/an …?Potrebbe raccomandarmi un/una … ?
You can take the underground.  – Può prendere la metropolitana.


to hop in – salire, montare
to get somewhere –
adnare da qualche parte
to depend on –
dipednere da
traffic – traffico
short-cut – scorciatoia
to be able to  –
essere in grado di
to have an idea –
avere una idea
fare –
to recommend –
raccomandare, cosigliare
downtown – centro città
to offer – offrire
meal – pasto
at a reasonable price – a un prezzo ragionevole
expensive – costoso
to get on – salire
to get off –


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